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Miracles for Kids – Changing Lives Every Day

All About Dance was fortunate to speak with Miracles for Kids President and Co-Founder Autumn Strier who took the time to share exactly why this California based non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses is so very special.

Read on to find out how this organization touches the lives of so many individuals, and how you can help.

What does Miracles for Kids do for children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses, and their families?
“We provide basic aid and financial support for critically ill children and their families through eight different programs … Miracles for Kids uses a holistic approach in creating our programs and services in order to match real needs of the families.

The Basket of Miracles program, for example, started in 2007 from a conversation with families and uncovered a need for fresh food and household items. Today, baskets filled with these items are delivered to program families throughout Southern California four times a year.”

Your website shows fun summer events coming up like the annual picnic, Surf & Paddle camps, a Rawhide Riding camp, and the Miracles le Cirque gala. How has it been to witness Miracles for Kids grow so much since its beginnings in 2002?

“It’s been an incredible journey … The extra special part is the community and its involvement to want to help others. We rely on hundreds of volunteers to put our programs into action and have assisted more than 600 families in California and the southern United States. Miracles for Kids enjoys getting to know our families.”

At All About Dance customers may make a donation during checkout to Miracles for Kids. How do these types of individual donations add up to help the organization?

“One dollar can be like a million dollars to these families in crisis. Imagine a family with a $22,000 income, two adults and two children, one parent out of work, and one critically ill child. For these families a single dollar can buy four jars of baby food or one meal at Taco Bell. It can mean the difference in eating for a day for a family with absolutely no discretionary income.”

It is obvious that Miracles for Kids is doing a great deal to help put smiles on the faces of many children and families in need. How have those who have crossed your path through Miracles for Kids influenced your life?

“That’s a big question, but it’s the easiest to answer. The benefits of doing this work are almost incalculable. I have three children of my own … and I am blessed that they are all healthy … yet I recognize so many families who are in crisis. In addition to my family, this work is the other thing that gives life purpose.”

How You Can Help
Miracles for Kids has successfully assisted hundreds of children and their care-givers with financial aid and other wellness support programs for more than 10 years. It also funds research to help find cures for pediatric illnesses, and serves as an advocate in the community for critically ill children and their families.

It is very simple to help support Miracles for Kids, and what may seem like a small gesture goes a very long way.  All About Dance customers can make a donation to Miracles for Kids with just the click of the mouse during online checkout. Individuals will find many other options to make donations, support Grant Program families, attend fund raising events, and to volunteer at

Every type of contribution, no matter how big or small, assists Miracles for Kids in changing lives every day for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families.

About Kristen

Kristen Padden has more than 20 years experience working as a dance choreographer, educator, and performer. She received a BA in Dance from Point Park University and enjoyed a professional career in New York City following college. "The art of dance is a wonderful form of creative expression and I love sharing that with students of all ages." Kristen also enjoys writing, especially about her favorite subject ... dance!

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