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Recital Volunteers Play Key Role

Many dance studios request volunteer assistance from parents at this point in the year. Whether it is for backstage help at the recital, selling merchandise such as recital t-shirts or flowers, or transporting scenery and props to the recital venue, studio owners and teachers will require some extra hands and support.

Why Volunteer on Top of Everything Else?
Yes, you pay tuition each month, you have paid for costumes, and in many cases you have paid for recital tickets for your family to watch the show. However, for some dance studios, extra help is needed and much appreciated. Your extra contribution as a volunteer will not go un-noticed, and it can be a fun way to get to know other studio parents, teachers, and students.


For example, if a studio sells flower bouquets at the recital, they have already purchased those flowers ahead of time. They also need to pay for someone to pick up the flowers that day, as well as their time in putting those flowers together. Before the show and during intermission, the teachers and studio owner will be busy making sure the stage is set and dancers, lighting and set decorations are in place, so it is helpful to have a volunteer parent stationed at the flower table to make sure all orders are picked up. Other volunteer positions include selling concessions, if the venue allows, and ushering guests to their seats for ticketed events.


Backstage Moms and Dads are Key
In many cases, moms, dads, grandparents, or older siblings and alumni may be asked to volunteer backstage. For larger shows with multiple costume changes, it is important to have volunteers placed in the dressing rooms to assist the students. In the case of male dancers, a dad or brother may be asked to volunteer to assist the boys in their dressing room as well.


For safety and security, most studio owners would prefer to have their own clients in these positions. The students will likely recognize them as a friendly family member from the studio which will keep them at ease backstage, and help calm their nerves if they have a very quick costume change. Also, current parents from the studio will have an idea of the costumes involved in the show, and will know how the show timeline works. They will have an understanding of who should be where, and when.


Volunteer Work is Greatly Appreciated
Dance recitals are large undertakings for studio owners and teachers, as a culmination of everything that has been taught over the course of the year, and any extra help is greatly appreciated. Many dance parents and family members who volunteer get a sneak peek at how the show is put together behind the scenes.


It can also be a comfort for some students to know that mom or dad is only a short distance away. If everyone in the dance “family” pitches in, the recital can be a magical day for dance students of every age and level.

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About Terry

Terry Finch is a dance teacher and choreographer with an extensive training and teaching background that spans 26 years. Terry has held a variety of teaching positions, from assisting instructors at her dance studio, to teaching at summer performing arts camp, and leading college level master classes. She is currently in her fourth year as a dance teacher at a studio in central Pennsylvania.

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