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Dance Parent Survival Guide

Being the parent of a dancer is much more involved than one might think. Here are a few tips to prepare you for years and years of leotard-purchasing, recital-attending fun.

Pick the Right Studio.

Depending on where you live this could be as simple as one choice, or very complicated. Some studios are stricter than others, some are heavy into competitions, and some are very low-key and relaxed. Figure out how dedicated your dancer wants to be and make your choice from there.

Be prepared to spend money.

Dance is an investment. You will be purchasing classes, shoes, apparel, and costumes. Does your dancer want to compete? Add on travel expenses and entry fees, as well as possibly paying for choreography and private lessons.

There will be tears.

Sometimes they will be happy tears, and sometimes sad ones. Dancers tend to be their own harshest critic, so if your child isn’t happy with her performance either in class or on stage, she might get upset. Dance is extremely physically and mentally demanding, so be prepared.

Making dance parent friends is a choice.

Don’t feel pressure to become “real life” friends with all the other dance parents. Waiting rooms can get a little cramped, and you might be spending hours with these people. Obviously be friendly, but don’t feel pressure to form a more in-depth relationship. If one naturally forms, that’s great!

Go to as many performances as possible.

Get as many family members as you can to go with you too! Your child has worked really hard. One of the many amazing things that dance teaches a child is discipline. They deserve to have their hard work and dedication acknowledged. These life-lessons extend far beyond the studio too!

Most importantly, enjoy the ride. There’s a lot involved in being a part of the dance world, but you will soon see that it’s all worth it.

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About amy

Amy Omernik is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and active member of the dance community for the past 25 years – 10 of which were spent teaching. Amy received her BA in dance from Columbia College Chicago, and most recently was on faculty for a dance company based out of Southern California. She not only loves the All About Dance brand, but the wonderful community that comes with it.

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