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You Know You’re a Dance Parent When…

We asked, and you answered! Some of our beloved Facebook friends took the time to finish the sentence “You know you’re a dance parent when …” Here is what they had to say!

  • … your kids’ dance costumes look better than your car! – Kerri Sykes
  • When you know what a dream duffel is and don’t care how much the biggest one costs because it’s a necessity! – Arlene Hernandez
  • When you are looking for something in your purse and all there is is bobby pins, sock bun, and a small bottle of hairspray! – Lissette McElligott
  • You always have hair pins in your pockets and whenever you look at stuff you think of ways to stone it because everything looks better stoned! – Jocelyne J. Delaney
  • When I start driving to the studio in the morning when I am supposed to be driving to work. (Don’t drive that route much.) – Catherine Matusik Baugh
  • When you say sorry, I can’t do that because my daughter has dance! When am I free? Never. My daughter has dance! – Justina Cason Duke
  • … you bring lawn chairs, pillow, and blankets to take over a hotel lobby while your child competes and does a convention for 18 hours. – Tamika Easterday
  • You are hours from competition thinking about how stressful it is and how much it exhausts the whole family while simultaneously searching YouTube for next year’s solo music. – Tilla Rianne Ham
  • You borrow your daughter’s makeup for a big night out, because she has the good stuff.” – Stephanie Brewer
  • When your schedule revolves around dance practices, recitals, and competitions. – Bob Miklautsch
  • When you think you have a Bandaid in your purse only to find out it’s toe tape … true story! – Stephanie Duprey Guertin
  • When you go shopping and all you buy is your daughter’s dance outfits instead of real clothes. – Cammie Weiler
  • … when you realize you spend more time at your kids’ dance studio than anywhere else and begin to tell everyone if they need you they can find you at the studio! – Jennifer McDermeit
  • You spend more time at rehearsals and recitals than you do at home! – Donna Baker

Can you relate? Leave a comment here on how you know you are a dance parent!

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About amy

Amy Omernik is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and active member of the dance community for the past 25 years – 10 of which were spent teaching. Amy received her BA in dance from Columbia College Chicago, and most recently was on faculty for a dance company based out of Southern California. She not only loves the All About Dance brand, but the wonderful community that comes with it.

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