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What Are Convertible Tights, and Why Do I Need Them?


As an outsider looking in, dance apparel choices seems simple enough. Tights and leotards for ballet, maybe throw on a pair of pants or shorts for tap and jazz, and you’re good to go. But now your dancer is wanting to take more and more classes with not much time to change outfits in-between, and things get tricky. Fast changes between classes, and especially during recitals can easily become a source of stress for both you and your dancer. Solution? The convertible tight.

If you have never heard of a convertible tight, it’s basically a regular dance tight, but with a hole on the very bottom of the foot. They come in all of the colors that regular tights do, and most major brands carry them.

There are multiple benefits to choosing a convertible tight:

  • Many dancers who are on pointe choose a convertible tight so they can adjust toe pads and wraps quickly and easily. There is definitely no time between grande battement and adagio to run to the changing room!
  • Smooth studio transitions. If you have a ballet class right before contemporary, you can easily just roll up your tights in order to dance in bare feet.
  • Some dancers do not like the feel of their foot being constricted in a tight. Especially if a young dancer is sensitive to this, having a place for the foot to “breathe” is comforting.
  • Fast changes during shows require very precise planning and practice. Being able to roll up a pair of pink tights when you have a costume with pants for jazz, for example, is a great convenience.
  • Flip flops with footed tights are as bad, if not worse than flip flops with socks. Having convertible tights means you can just roll them up when you’re done with class and throw on a pair of flip flops without shame.

Which do you prefer - convertible or footed tights? Share your thoughts here with our All About Dance community!


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Amy Omernik is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and active member of the dance community for the past 25 years – 10 of which were spent teaching. Amy received her BA in dance from Columbia College Chicago, and most recently was on faculty for a dance company based out of Southern California. She not only loves the All About Dance brand, but the wonderful community that comes with it.

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