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The Many Benefits of Taking Dance Class


“She’s always dancing around the house!” “He is obsessed with Twitch from So You Think You Can Dance!” “She insists on wearing a tutu every day to school.”

There are many reasons we choose to sign our child up for dance class, and while there’s no doubt it’s tons of fun, your little dancer is getting much more out of his or her experience than just exercise and technique.

Motor skills and coordination.

These are pretty obvious physical benefits of dance class. Many sport coaches will even notice the difference in skills – especially balance and flexibility – between their athletes who dance and those who do not.

Creativity and self expression.

Little minds are being stimulated by so much great stuff in dance class! Props, instruments, costumes, and fun music make it a real imagination adventure! Imagery is something that will be a tool for the rest of their dance career as well.


Dance requires both mind and body focus, along with retention skills. It’s great practice for children who are over-stimulated all day long to have that time when they are only expected to concentrate on one thing. They can take that ability to turn off the “extra stuff” in their daily lives.

Structure, self control and self discipline.

Many dance studios will allow students as young as 2 years old to take a dance class. It won’t happen immediately, but a good teacher will have those students under control eventually! Learning the structure of a dance class can then help them pick up the structure of an academic classroom more quickly.


While dance is not often referred to as a sport, there are a lot of team-building aspects. Dancers rely on each other to be dedicated to classes and rehearsals so that when it comes time to take the stage, the dance is polished and looks amazing. This is especially true if the routine will be used for competitions.

Confidence and accomplishment.

If you’ve never seen the look on your child’s face after a successful performance – buckle up. It is pretty fantastic! They know how hard they have worked and now they get to feel very proud of themselves for it. That head-held-high feeling has a good chance of following them outside the studio as well.

How has dance positively affected your child’s life? Share your stories here!

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About amy

Amy Omernik is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and active member of the dance community for the past 25 years – 10 of which were spent teaching. Amy received her BA in dance from Columbia College Chicago, and most recently was on faculty for a dance company based out of Southern California. She not only loves the All About Dance brand, but the wonderful community that comes with it.

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