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Body wrappers asymmetrical dress


I love the Body Wrappers asymmetrical dress I purchased for my daughter . The white color looks amazing in the lighting. I just need help in figuring how to attach the shawl in the across the shoulder drape. There is only one button that I can find . Thanks.

asked May 1, 2012

1 Answer

Hello! We love that dress too, and it has many options for varying the looks. Here are two suggestions for a half sleeve shawl and full shoulder shawl using the loops and attachment buttons: The dress has two buttons and two loops.  The first button is on the inside of the front, right where the single strap attaches to the bodice.  The second button is on the right side seam, right before the attached skirt.  The attached drape  has a straight finished edge with two attached loops.  The first loop is at half the length of the drape and is just about large enough to fit an arm.  The second loop is at the end of the drape and is much smaller.  The bottom portion of the drape is also finished, but with a slight scallop edging.  The drape is attached at the seam on the left side of the bodice. For the "half sleeve shawl" we found that the best way to achieve this look is to extend the drape, finished side up across the bodice and over the right shoulder and attach the larger loop to the button on the right side seam.  The rest of the drape can be left trailing or tucked in the back of the dress. For the "shoulder shawl" look, the drape should come up over the left shoulder, finished side up, extend across the front with the larger loop attached to the first button in the bodice and the smaller loop attached to the side button. We hope this helps. The dress also comes with a hang tag that has additional suggestions for how to wear the dress. Enjoy! AAD Customer Support

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