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Dance birthday gift for little ballerina …


Hi there,

I’m a proud dance dad looking for a dance-related birthday gift for my little ballerina. She’s six and likes anything pink. Any fellow dance parents with a suggestion? Thanks!

asked July 21, 2011

5 Answers

How sweet that you are looking for something special for your daughter. My daughter loves anything dance related. If you are looking for something useful, a new dance bag, a frilly tutu skirt, or hair accessory for class would be a good gift. If you are looking for something more fun, I've found really cute ballerina jewelry, jewelry boxes, and stuffed animals with a ballet look online. Hope she has a great birthday!
A gift certificate might be fun as well, even though she is a little young, I bet she'd love to shop with you for something new for class. You'd be surprised at how much my little ones love browsing web sites and catalogs to pick out their favorite items.

A gift of a character ballerina for her birthday is always fun as well.  My daughter is starting to do Ballerina Birthday Parties.  She dresses in one of her ballerina costumes and her pointe shoes.  She shows up at the party and performs, then she demonstrates and teaches the children a couple of main steps based on their age and skill level.

Tickets to a professional or local ballet performance are always great gifts.  Maybe too late for the birthday, but you can always look ahead to Christmas or another special time, or just for father-daughter time!   Many towns of performances of Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker coming up, and also local performances of those of nearby dance schools. I know my daughter loved dressing up fancy and going to Swan Lake and Cinderella ballets at the theater.
Hi It may be a year too late but it took me this long create one of the kind for my little daughter.
Here is an idea for your little ballerina, check out this web site
Hoipe your daughter enjoy it as much as mine.


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