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Do Beginner Ballet Shoes Have Elastics


Do all beginner ballet shoes come with the elastics already attached or do you have to purchase the elastic separately? Your help would be greatly appreciated! – Jennifer

asked February 17, 2012

1 Answer

Hi Jennifer,

All ballet slippers come with the elastic attached, the only question is how attached are they? Certain very beginning shoes for children are made with a single elastic strap, and all of these shoes have the elastic pre-sewn and ready to go. Once you get to a style with two elastic straps, the way they will come is pre-sewn only into the sides of the shoe, towards the heel of the foot. This is to allow customizable comfort, as you can place the straps, one at a time, into place with the shoe on to find out where you need to sew the other end for the best fit.

So, no need to buy extra elastic, all ballet slippers come with all the tools you need!

Hope this helps,

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