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How many classes a week?


Here’s a question for fellow dance parents. How many classes a week does your dancer take? My 10 year old wants to play softball, dance, and maintain good grades this school year. What is an average number of classes per week for an intermediate dancer of her age?

asked August 14, 2011

3 Answers


It depends a lot on your daughter's school.  My soon to be 8 year old is required to take a minimum of 2 classes per week this year.  If her progress continues as it has, at age 10 she'll be required to take a minimum of 4 [ballet] classes per week, in addition to any character or elective classes.  Another school near us requires only 2 classes per week for your daughter's age group (1 for mine), but at age 11 that jumps to 4 classes.

It depends on how serious she is about ballet, and how much she loves it.  Having a baseball schedule to keep up with in addition to three to four classes a week of ballet may be too much for her, or maybe not.  Some schools operate on a level progressive system--the higher the level, the more classes of course.  If she wants to do pointe work she will need the required number of classes to maintain the strength she will need to do pointe.  Some schools are more for fun, with no minimum number of required classes no matter what the age.  My daughter just turned 10, but she elected to take three classes a week last year and will do so this year.  She is just beginning light point for 1/2 hour weekly, so I wanted her to do three/week last year to build lots of strength. So, it really depends on if she is loving it and having fun or feeling pressured and overwhelmed.  Are there rehearsals and shows to consider as well?
It all depends on how serious she is about dancing. I'm 13 and go to two dance schools, and I take a total of 13 classes (4 ballet, 1 pointe, 8 varied). I wouldn't suggest taking a lot if the school you go to doesn't have a minimum if she is just doing it recreationally, while also doing softball, as it may be too much for her to juggle.

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