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Repeated use injuries, and dealing with continued dance


My daughter is getting seen for her second “dance injury” by an orthopedist. The MRI is scheduled for tomorrow after she was diagnosed with an avulsion fracture of her hip. Her previous injury was an achilles tendonitis which she received 6 weeks physical therapy for…any tips on keeping injury free, or safer when dancing a large amount of hours and training so intensly? They have really increased the number of conditioning hours this year and that seems to have cut down on the minor things that she doesn’t have to go to a Dr. for, however she must have been dancing on this broken hip for a few months and just recently started complaining of pain. I understand dancers are athletes…but how do I get through to her dancing through the pain isn’t always a good thing?

asked November 1, 2011

1 Answer

Hi Dancemom,

It sounds as if your daughter is going through a difficult stretch with injuries. Here is an article from our blog that may be helpful, to you both, and it addresses your concern of dancing through the pain.

Keep Healthy through the Dance Season

The article touches on some of the basics, and it is a good idea to seek the support of instructors and physicians to make sure your daughter's health comes first. Sending best wishes to a speedy and careful recovery for your daughter!

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