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Shoe Sizing Question


How do I know what size ballet slipper to order my dance daughter? What does two sizes down mean? Thanks!

asked August 23, 2011

1 Answer


Hi dancecraze,


Ballet slippers can be tricky to size at times, depending on the vendor. Since most dance shoes are made without a specific size guideline, (and made in several different countries), sometimes the sizing can be hard to suggest as a Customer Service Representative via phone or online media without physically being able to fit the shoe on her foot. So we do our best to give suggestive fitting, usually by having other Customer Service Representatives try on the merchandise themselves and base it off their standard street size.


When an item gives a suggestion of two sizes down, you would take what the dancer normally wears in their street shoe, (for example we'll say your daughter wears a size 9), then we reduce the size by two, suggesting your daughter will fit in a size 7. If you find a shoe that suggests one size up, we would suggest she will fit in a size 10.


Please keep in mind that although we would love to be able to fit all of our customers on the first try, everyone has different feet. Due to this circumstance, we unfortunately must let it be known that we cannot guarantee sizing, no matter how hard we try.


However, always keep in mind that we do offer free returns and free exchanges with a printable pre-paid FedEx return label, so even if you get it wrong we do our best to help you get it right the next time!

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