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What to wear under a costume with an open back?


What type of undergarment is best to wear under a costume with an open back so that no straps are showing through? We’ve tried a plain nude leotard, but the teacher doesn’t want any straps showing. Thanks!

asked July 9, 2011

3 Answers

Clear straps tend to really come in handy when it comes to costumes with tricky silhouettes that don't hide typical undergarments.

All About Dance sells both bras and leotards that have adjustable clear shoulder straps and a clear strap that extends across the back. The shoulder straps can often be adjusted to camisole or halter style with multiple placement points on the back.

If the instructor is not a fan of clear straps either, there are several low back leotards with clear shoulder straps that should be easier to conceal.

You can view the full undergarment category here: All About Dance Undergarments

Good luck!
My daughter's dance group wears Capezio's bra with a clear back strap under just about all of their costumes. It works nicely when you have a low back and the clear strap can hardly be seen from stage.
Thanks! I've been looking for something similar as well. There seem to be a lot more undergarment options now compared to when I was a young dancer!

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